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On September 18th, 2013 legal professionals in the Greater Toronto Area gathered for Stewart Title′s annual Lecture Series Seminar on real estate, presented by respected members of the legal community.

We are pleased to offer complimentary videos of these lectures for those who were unable to attend.

Session 1: Essential Practice Tips for Real Estate Lawyers
Presented by:
Michael Lamb, J.D.
Barrister, Solicitor and Notary

    Part 1:    Planning Act
    Part 2:    Access
    Part 3:    To Delete or Not Delete
    Part 4:    Mortgage Transfer-Merger
    Part 5:    Private Mortgage
        Download lecture notes

Session 2: What You Need to Know About Commercial Title Insurance
Presented by :
Wayne Lipton,
Senior Counsel, Vice President – Senior Commercial Underwriter
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

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    Part 1:    Overview
    Part 2:    Commercial vs. Residential Policies
    Part 3:    Understanding Commercial Title Insurance
    Part 4:    Common Endorsements
    Part 5:    Tips to Consider
        Download lecture notes

Session 3: Frequently Asked Underwriting Questions
Presented by :
Karen Decker,
Senior Counsel, Vice President – Underwriting and Legal
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
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    Part 1:    Condominium Transactions
    Part 2:    Fraud Due Diligence
    Part 3:    Multi-Unit Properties
    Part 4:    Lawyer Negligence
    Part 5:    New Real Estate Declaration
        Download lecture notes

Session 4: Title Insurance Claims Issues for 2013
Presented by :
Sandra Thwaites,
Vice President – Claims and Quality Assurance
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

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    Part 1:    Super Priority Leans
    Part 2:    What’s New in Fraud
    Part 3:    Title Insurance as an Answer to a Requisition
    Part 4:    Common Oversights Leading to Claims
        Download lecture notes

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