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Recently, legal professionals in the Greater Toronto Area gathered at our annual real estate Lecture Series,
presented by respected members of the legal community.

We are pleased to offer complimentary videos of these sessions for those who were unable to attend.

Session 1: Residential and Commercial Title Insurance Policy Comparison
Presented by:
Wayne Lipton
Senior Counsel, Vice President – Senior Commercial Underwriter
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

    Part 1:    The Differences Between Residential & Commercial Policies - Overview
    Part 2:    Post Policy Residential Coverages
    Part 3:    Residential & Commercial Coverage Similarities
    Part 4:    Residential & Commercial Coverage Differences
    Part 5:    Differences in Search Requirements
    Part 6:    Differences in Process
    Part 7:    Conclusion
        Click to download lecture notes

Session 2: Practice Tips
Presented by:
Michael Lamb, J.D.
Barrister, Solicitor and Notary

    Part 1:    Updates
    Part 2:    Requisitions On Title - Overview
    Part 3:    Specific Requisitions
    Part 4:    Drafting Requisitions
    Part 5:    Boiler Plate Requisitions
    Part 6:    Stigmatized Property
    Part 7:    Retainer
        Click to download lecture notes

Session 3: Current Issues in Underwriting
Presented by:
Karen Decker
Senior Counsel, Vice President – Underwriting and Legal
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

    Part 1:    Reviewing Documents - Documents on Title
    Part 2:    Reviewing Documents - Powers of Attorney
    Part 3:    Reviewing Documents - Agreements of Purchase & Sale
    Part 4:    Reviewing Documents - Mortgage Payout Statements
    Part 5:    Private Mortgages - Why You Should Be Concerned
    Part 6:    Lenders - Your Client Too
    Part 7:    Building Permit Coverage
    Part 8:    Continuation of Coverage Provisions
        Click to download lecture notes

Session 4: Title Insurance Claims – What's New & What's Not
Presented by:
Frank Maggisano
Vice President – Claims and Quality Assurance

    Part 1:    Title Insurance Claims - Overview
    Part 2:    The Claims Process
    Part 3:    Endorsements
    Part 4:    Recent Cases, Claims and Frauds
        Click to download lecture notes

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Lecture notes require Adobe Reader. To install, click here.