Connect With Your Business Development Manager

As a trusted partner, we always seek new ways to support legal professionals.  Your local Business Development Manager is a valuable resource and available to:

- Provide information about Stewart’s products and services
- Train new and existing staff on procedures and best practices
- Demonstrate and set up applications
- Answer any questions you may have  

Get in touch today!

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Keeping Legal Professionals at the Forefront

We believe that lawyers and notaries are most familiar with the complexities of each real estate transaction and are in the best position to prepare documents, advise clients and represent their interests.

Our role is to underwrite risk and provide products and services that enhance the real estate closing process and provide peace of mind to our clients and policyholders.

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A Trusted Partner in the Canadian Title Insurance Industry

With a title insurance policy from Stewart Title, you receive peace of mind that your real estate investment is backed by a company with real financial strength. 

With more than a century of experience protecting property owners and lenders against title risks, Stewart Title stands proudly as one of the largest title insurers in the world, with products available in more than 70 international markets.

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Still Ordering Title Insurance by Phone, Fax or Email?

Legal professionals are welcome to try out our Smart Order Form, available for residential and commercial transactions.

This intuitive order form evolves to ask only those questions relevant to your order details – simplifying the process. No login is required and documents can be attached easily.

Start using our Smart Order Form Today!

The Value of a Residential Owner Policy

Did you know that homeowners are more likely than lenders to be exposed to losses arising from title related risks?

While it’s important for a lender to be protected by title insurance, by purchasing an owner policy, homeowners can have peace of mind that they too are protected from a variety of covered risks.

Your Partner for Commercial Transactions

Stewart Title has experience title insuring a broad portfolio of commercial properties across Canada and stands proudly as one of the largest, most respected title insurers in the world. 

Our history of working with legal professionals, lenders and property owners/purchasers has provided us with the expertise and know-how needed to safeguard your real estate transactions.