Title Fraud Protection with Treefort IDV

Stay ahead of sophisticated fraudsters and protect your professional reputation from involvement in title fraud by using Treefort IDV to truly verify the identity of your clients.


Stewart proudly offers Treefort’s advanced multi-factor identity authentication technology to meet your professional KYC requirements and protect you from potential involvement in fraud and money laundering activity.

Treefort IDV


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Coverage For Real Estate Title Fraud

Real Estate title fraud continues to make headlines in Canada with homeowners falling victim to sophisticated fraudsters who have sold homes from under their rightful owners.


Are You Covered?

Review your property closing documents or check with your lawyer/notary to determine if an Owner Policy was obtained when you purchased your home.


Homeowners without an owner’s policy can still receive coverage for real estate title fraud by purchasing an Existing Homeowner Policy through their lawyer/notary.

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Treefort IDV: Your New Digital Identity Expert

Treefort’s simple and secure, all-in-one client identity verification tool empowers your office to confidently move forward knowing that your client is who they claim to be. 

With Multi-Factor Identity Authentication technology powered by the largest network of reliable source providers, a Treefort IDV goes beyond the tedious and often inaccurate review of physical ID documents.


Title Insurance for Homebuyers and Owners

Stewart Title offers title insurance products for home purchasers and existing owners that protect the ownership interest in their property.

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What is Title Insurance?