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An Online Search Services Solution to Support Your Due Diligence Efforts

In partnership with ESC Corporate Services Ltd., Stewart Title offers Search Services*, a comprehensive, national online search solution which provides legal professionals with convenient, accurate and secure access to public record data, including:


  • Bank Act Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Certificate of Status
  • Copies of Articles
  • Corporate Profile Search
  • Litigation Search
  • PPSA Registration
  • PPSA Search
  • Writs of Execution


Search Services is available at a competitive price, allowing you to mitigate risk and streamline processes while reducing costs.  Key benefits include:


Efficient & Easy to Use

Search results are presented accurately, securely and in a timely manner.


Custom Service Bundles, Priced Right

Competitively priced and flexible service bundles let you customize and pay only for the services you need.


Support From ESC

The support provided from the experienced team of professionals at ESC allows you to confidently complete searches and filings.


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*Search Services is currently available in all Provinces excluding Quebec.

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