A Trusted Partner

A Trusted Partner

A Trusted Partner in the Canadian Title Insurance Industry

Stewart Title serves a network of thousands of legal professionals across Canada who have come to know and trust Stewart Title as an experienced, reliable title insurer.  We have become the preferred title insurance provider for lawyers and notaries by providing:


Unsurpassed Residential and Commercial Title Coverage

Stewart Title works with legal professionals to provide buyers, owners and lenders with competitive, comprehensive coverage for diverse properties.


Underwriting Expertise and Customized Coverage

Our underwriters and claims counsel are legal professionals and are uniquely positioned to provide knowledgeable support.


A Focus on Mitigating Risk

We believe the role of a title insurer should be to underwrite risk. Lawyers and notaries, who are most familiar with the complexities of each real estate transaction, are in the best position to prepare documents, advise clients and represent their interests.


Service Excellence to Enhance the Real Estate Closing Process

We have a history of working with legal professionals to keep them at the forefront of the real estate transaction. We see our role as collaborative, not competitive, and work with legal professionals to streamline their practices and provide quality service to their clients.


Commitment to our Policyholders

Our policyholders can count on us to resolve claims in a professional manner. Our experience, combined with a practical, results-oriented approach, ensures that we deal with each claim in a timely manner.


A Leading Canadian Title Insurer for More Than 25 Years…

Stewart Title Guaranty Company was licensed to operate in all provinces and territories in 1988. Stewart Title’s Canadian Division is headquartered in Toronto and has offices from coast-to-coast.


…And a Worldwide Title Insurer for More Than a Century.

Our roots go back to 1893 and a small office in Texas, but today’s Stewart Title Guaranty Company stands proudly as one of the largest title insurers in the world. With more than a century of experience protecting property owners and lenders against the title risks that come with residential and commercial real estate transactions, Stewart Title has become a global leader with products available in a multitude of international markets including Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico and the U.S.


Strong Underwriting Ability

When you obtain a title insurance policy from Stewart Title, you receive peace of mind that your real estate investment is backed by a company with real financial strength.  Our proven commitment to maintaining financial strength indicates that Stewart will be there for our clients today and in the years to come.  Stewart Title Guaranty Company has one of the largest policyholders’ surpluses in the industry. This amount determines the liability an insurer can take on and the number of policies that can be issued.  Our financial strength is also affirmed by the ratings our company has received from independent and leading financial rating firms.*  For more information on our financial strength, visit our parent site at stewart.com.


*Ratings for Stewart’s North American underwriter Stewart Title Guaranty Company