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Insuring your “title” is just as important as insuring your property and its contents from physical loss or damage. Title insurance protects your ownership interest against losses incurred as a result of many types of undetected or unknown defects that affect your registered interest in the title to your property, which are included as covered risks in our owner policy. Your policy will also include covered risks for certain “off-title” matters such as real property tax arrears of the seller.


In addition to the owner policy, Stewart Title also provides the following policies:


  • Loan policy to protect your lender’s validity, priority and enforceability of the mortgage.
  • Existing Owner Policy for homeowners who did not obtain a policy when they first purchased their home. This policy will give you similar protection to our Residential Gold Owner Policy, modified with an “existing owner” endorsement. The policy date is the date you first purchased your property. It’s a cost-effective way to protect yourself against losses from real estate title fraud.



Click here for more information about the coverage our policies provide, including exclusions.


How Much Does Title Insurance Cost?

Title insurance is available for a low one-time premium, which is related to the purchase price of the property. There is no renewal or annual premium. Title insurance protection is valid for as long as you retain an ownership interest in the property and coverage is also extended to anyone who inherits your property or your spouse or child if you transfer your property to your spouse or child for nominal consideration.


What if I Need to Make a Claim?

You can count on us to resolve your claim in a professional manner. Our experience, combined with a practical, results-oriented approach, ensures that we deal with each claim in a timely manner. Claims can be submitted online, by fax or by mail.  Read more about our claims experience and our financial strength.


How Do I Purchase Title Insurance?

At Stewart Title, we believe that lawyers and notaries play an integral role in the real estate transaction.  It is your lawyer or notary who is most familiar with the complexities of the transaction, so it is your lawyer or notary that is in the best position to represent your interests as well as prepare and register the mortgage. This oversight helps protect you and maintain the integrity of the real estate system as a whole. Title insurance policies must be ordered by your lawyer or notary on your behalf.


The Preferred Title Insurer for Legal Professionals

Lawyers and notaries know that Stewart is a trustworthy, reliable partner whose competitive, comprehensive title coverage is backed by knowledgeable support. As a leading global title insurer, Stewart Title has over a century of experience in protecting property owners and lenders against inherent title risks. Stewart Title’s financial strength and claims paying ability are recognized by leading companies that measure financial performance.


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This website is intended to provide information that is of a general nature and is subject to modification. Coverage and requirements can vary depending on the nature of the transaction and location of the property involved. Please review your actual Stewart Title policy for full coverage details.

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