Commercial Survey/RPR-Only Policy

Commercial Owner Policy of Title Insurance (Survey/RPR-Only) and

Commercial Loan Policy of Title Insurance (Survey/RPR-Only)


Available in Western Canada only, Stewart Title’s single-risk Survey/RPR-Only Policy provides coverage for losses arising from survey/RPR related risks for commercial properties.  With the steep cost of surveys/RPR, this policy is a cost-effective alternative for those looking exclusively for survey/RPR coverage.


This policy can be ordered for commercial owners up to $25 million ($12 million for vacant land) and for commercial lenders up to $50 million.  Insureds are covered for as long as they retain an interest in the property.


This policy is available for properties such as:

  • Lands zoned commercial or industrial
  • Buildings comprised of seven or more residential units
  • Commercial condominium/strata buildings (not available for individual units)


The policy is effective from the date the insured’s interest is submitted for registration and will remain in effect for as long as the insured retains an estate or interest in the land.


Generally, the amount of insurance for the Commercial Survey/RPR-Only Policy for owners is the purchase price of the property and for lenders, it is the mortgage amount. 



Policy Coverage

Stewart’s Commercial Survey/RPR-Only Policies provide coverage for losses arising from many types of survey related risks.  Unlike our Standard Commercial Policies, this Survey/RPR-Only Policy does not include additional endorsements and does not insure against losses from matters such as title defects, liens, access, and title fraud.


The Survey/RPR-Only Policy provides coverage for losses arising from:

  • An encroachment, encumbrance, violation, variation or adverse circumstance affecting the Title that would be disclosed by an accurate and complete survey of the land, including violation of any building setback requirements of any applicable zoning by-law.
  • The enforced removal of an improvement, as defined in the policy, or any portion thereof, by an adjoining landowner or a party who benefits from an easement because the improvement extends onto adjoining land or onto any easement.
  • Enforced removal of an improvement, as defined in the policy, as a result of a violation at date of policy of a building setback requirement of applicable zoning by-law(s). 
  • Easements located on the land.


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Survey/RPR-Only policies are not available in Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.


For properties with an existing survey, any defects it reveals must be disclosed to Stewart Title prior to closing for underwriting review.  Properties over 10 acres are subject to underwriting review.  The coverage provided may be impacted by transaction specific exceptions listed on Schedule B of the policy.  


Owner Survey/RPR-Only Policies do not provide coverage for the removal or reconstruction of crops, landscaping, lawn, shrubbery, trees, boundary walls and fences.


This website is intended to provide information that is of a general nature and is subject to modification. Coverage and requirements can vary depending on the nature of the transaction and location of the property involved. Please review your actual Stewart Title policy for full coverage details.

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