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Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Title Insurance

For decades, Stewart Title’s Commercial Team has helped legal professionals and their lender, developer and investor clients close commercial real estate transactions with added security and peace of mind.

We’ve Become the Go-To Insurer for Commercial Real Estate Professionals Looking for:

    Tailored Solutions

    No two commercial real estate transactions are the same, even when they involve similar assets.


    It takes experience, responsiveness and dedication to understand the nature of your transaction and how best to protect it. From selecting the appropriate coverage to tying in loan policies for multiple sites, we have the expertise you need.


    Our commercial policy packages automatically include the most requested endorsements* for owners and lenders. These enhanced policies provide comprehensive commercial coverage to protect lenders and owners against losses from a variety of risks.

    A Better Experience

    Every transaction brings a unique set of circumstances.


    Along with the support of our operations and business development teams, you can count on our dedicated commercial underwriting team, comprised of highly experienced lawyers and law clerks, to simplify things for you. They specialize in processing transactions that require unique risk analysis with a practical and thorough approach.


    We respond quickly, work with you to reduce risk, and help you close your deals efficiently and confidently.

    Going Beyond a Title Policy

    We provide more than a title policy. We’ve built our business on a foundation of strong, longstanding relationships.


    With Stewart Title, you’ll have a partner who listens, keeps your best interests in mind and goes the extra mile for you.


    As one of the strongest and most financially secure title insurance companies in the world, you can trust us with your largest, most complicated deal.

We’re No Stranger to Complex Transactions and Varying Property Types

Our broad portfolio of title insured commercial properties is among the strongest and most impressive in the industry and includes properties spanning the following sectors:

Agriculture, Cross-Border, Education, Energy, First Nations Lands, Government, Health, Hospitality, Industrial, Multi-Family, Multi-Site, Office Space, REITS, Retail, Vacant Land.

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  • Agricultural
  • Cross-Border
  • Education
  • Energy
  • First Nations Lands
  • Government
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Family
  • Multi-Site
  • Office Space
  • Retail
  • Vacant Land

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Recently Closed. Covered by Stewart.

See our coverage in action. Whether it’s a small deal or a large one, we have you covered.

Watch our video to see recent deals we have insured.

Top 10 Reasons to Close With a Commercial Title Policy

For a one-time premium, our policies help close your transaction by insuring over matters that might otherwise stand in the way of completing a purchase or mortgage transaction.

Reduced Risk via Comprehensive Coverage
Coverage often exceeds that provided by a lawyer’s opinion or search results and is valid for the entire time your client retains an ownership interest in the property or the mortgage is registered.
Enhanced Coverage via Endorsements
Additional coverage that goes over and beyond what a lawyer is able to comment on in their opinion, or a municipality is able to respond to without an E & O qualification.
Fewer Searches
Certain searches may not be required in order to obtain policy coverage reducing costs and delays.
Timely Closings
Closing delays cost time and money. We can insure over matters that might otherwise prevent completion of a transaction
Coverage for Known Defects
Stewart has the ability to insure over known defects such as encroachments onto adjoining land.
Survey/Certificate of Location/RPR Coverage
Available for lenders regardless of the policy amount, and for owners without the need for an existing survey/certificate of location/RPR for transactions with a policy amount up to $25 million, provided the transaction involves a completed structure. For vacant land or properties under construction this coverage is available for owners with a policy amount up to $12 million.
Work Order Coverage
Governmental and quasi-governmental work order coverage for lenders is available for transactions up to $50 million.
Permit Coverage
Available for forced removal by a governmental authority due to lack of a required building permit or occupancy certificate on lender transactions with a policy amount up to $50 million.
Registration Gap Coverage
Coverage for loss arising from intervening title registrations between the closing date and the date that the insured instrument is registered. Gap coverage is essential when acquisitions or financing take place in several provinces concurrently or where there are inherent delays in the provincial registration system.
Duty to Defend Title
Stewart Title pays legal fees and costs associated with defending the insured’s interest in court with respect to matters covered by the policy.

For more information on our commercial coverage, visit our policy overview pages:

Specialized and Enhanced Coverage via Endorsements 


Endorsements on a title insurance policy supplement coverage and enhance the value of a title insurance policy. We provide coverage for matters such as access, zoning, survey matters, post policy date title fraud and losses due to errors in government responses, as well as many more transaction specific issues.   


Stewart Title automatically attaches the most requested endorsements to our commercial policies. Our Underwriting Team also assesses each transaction to ensure final coverage suits even the most complex of situations*. 


We also offer a collection of unique endorsements that can be added to extend coverage for specific risks including: 


  • Post Date of Policy Super Priority Lien Endorsement 

  • Extended Protection Endorsement (EPE) 

  • Post Date of Policy Commercial Lender Endorsement 


Select these optional endorsements and, for an additional one-time premium each, your client will receive the most comprehensive coverage available.  

Need Title Insurance on Your Next Commercial Transaction?

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Whatever your needs, no matter how complex your deals may be, Stewart Title has the experience and know-how to make your job easier.


We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your next transaction. Contact us to get in touch with a member of our team or request an information pack.