TELUS Assyst Real Estate

Developed With Lawyers for the Legal Community

TELUS Assyst Real Estate is an online mortgage processing platform that simplifies the way mortgage documents are created, managed and processed in an accurate and efficient way. The platform reduces repetitive data input, eliminates bulky paperwork and simplifies the entire mortgage instructing process, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on files.


With Assyst, Your Firm Can:

  • Electronically exchange instructing, reporting and other mortgage data with Canada’s largest National Lenders and Credit Unions
  • Reduce repetition, increase accuracy and simplify working with lenders
  • Benefit from integrations with third-party conveyancing platforms
  • Be instantly notified via email of any changes or updates with regards to your file
  • Receive instant confirmation when reports are signed and submitted


Connect with Canada's Largest Lenders

Assyst is the only platform that can exchange mortgage data with all of Canada's top lenders, including:


Helps Keep Transactions with Legal Professionals

Assyst connects legal professionals directly with lenders by enabling the easy exchange of mortgage data. It is not a form of lender outsourcing. Instead, it complements the way that legal professionals process mortgage transactions by increasing efficiency and eliminating tedious, repetitive data entry.


Stewart Title is a proud, long-time partner of the Canadian legal community, providing products and services designed to support law practices. Stewart’s unwavering philosophy is that real estate transactions belong in the lawyer’s/notary’s office.


Let us show you how TELUS Assyst Real Estate can save your practice valuable time:


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