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The premier tool to truly verify the identity of your clients

Go beyond the simple review of physical ID documents and truly verify the identity of your clients. With Treefort’s advanced multi-factor identity authentication technology, you get a complete picture of who you are dealing with, protecting you from involvement in fraud and money laundering activity.

What Makes Treefort Different?

    Goes Beyond Physical ID Review to Verify Identity

    Fake identification has become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect.  The traditional process of reviewing ID documents can be stressful and overwhelming with a high level of expertise needed to detect fakes.  Most ID review technology tools available are limited, reviewing the same core indicators which make them easy to bypass.  

    A Treefort IDV, gives you the tools to confidently verify your client’s identity using a combination of technology and information sources, enabling you to know that your clients are who they claim to be.

    Traditional ID Verification

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    Traditional ID Review

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    Treefort Identity Verification

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    Multi-Factor Identity Authentication Technology

    A Treefort IDV combines advanced technology with aggregated information drawn from a large network of trusted reliable source providers to verify your client’s identity and meet your professional KYC requirements.


    Technology and Information Partners

    Banking Verification

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    Credit Verification

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    ID Document Analysis

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    Phone Data Verification

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    Enhanced Fraud Mitigation with Banking Verification


    Banking Verification in a Treefort IDV is an additional (and optional) fraud mitigation tool, providing you with the most effective layer of protectionBanking Verification enhances your IDV report by factoring in historical bank account information and allows you to make a more informed assessment of your client.   


    Banking Verification is best used when: 

    • Your new client is not known to the firm 

    • Acting on a mortgage free property 

    • The transaction involves a private lender 

    • There is a quick closing date on transaction 

    • You have identified other key red flags in the transaction 


    Banking information is exchanged securely via the client’s financial institution.  There are no passwords, account access or balances shared with Treefort or you as the IDV requestor.

    Extensive, Easy-to-Read IDV Reports

    Treefort’s expansive IDV Reports are designed to document your client’s identification information and provide insight on potential risk indicators of fraud and money laundering activity associated with the individual. 


    Risks are identified via a rigorous Know Your Client (KYC) assessment made across the three fundamental KYC elements: 


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    Checks for indicators of potential identity theft fraud using Treefort's proprietary algorithm and network of reliable source partners.


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    Satisfies Government ID, Credit File and Dual Source identification methods.

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

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    Identifies potential money laundering risks, including political watch and sanction lists.

Key Features

Multi-factor Authentication Logo
Multi-Factor Identity Authentication
Combines advanced digital identity and cyber security technologies with a proprietary IDV algorithm, cross-referencing key data points from a large network of reliable source providers.
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Thorough IDV Reports
Provides you with copies of your client’s ID documents, selfie photo, and a thorough, multi-faceted breakdown of KYC elements for risk assessment.
Fast Process Logo
Fast & Simple IDV Process

Improves your workflow by automating the traditional process of collecting, scanning, retaining, and reviewing physical ID documents.  IDV tests are easy to administer and simple for your clients to complete!

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Meets Your KYC & AML Obligations
Designed to fulfil your professional due diligence obligations related to verifying identity. 
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Safe and Secure

End-to-end encryption of data transmitted during IDV test.  


IDV Reports are accessible only to specified users via permission-based access controls. 

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Treefort’s Customer Support Team is available to assist you and your clients via phone or email.   An online Knowledge Base also available for self-help support. 

How it Works

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Client receives request and begins the IDV process on their smartphone.
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Client scans government issued ID document using their smartphone. 
Facial Scan Icon
Client takes ‘selfie’ using their smartphone for biometric analysis. 
Banking Verification Icon
Limited details of your client’s personal, primary bank account are securely and confidentially exchanged to confirm client identity.  
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Once complete, data is analyzed using reliable source providers to generate a thorough IDV report for your review. Test results are provided to identify any irregularities or potential indicators of fraud.   
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We’re Invested in You

Stewart Title is committed to working with the Canadian legal community to maintain their reputation as trusted quarterbacks of real estate transactions. Our investment in Treefort is an example of this commitment, as we work together to safeguard real estate transactions from being a target for title fraud and money laundering activity.


Treefort's identity verification tools make it simple for legal practices to confidently move forward with their clients and avoid the stress of potential involvement in title fraud.  

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